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Buhari and Mbaka
Buhari and Mbaka

‘My Life in danger’ – Rev Fr Mbaka cries out, alleges threat messages

Enugu Catholic priest and founder of the Adoration Ministry, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mba­ka, Sunday, raised the alarm that he has been receiving threat mes­sages following his New Year eve mes­sage where he said that Nigeria would be doomed if President Goodluck Jonathan is re-elected.

In a sermon at the Christ the King Catholic Parish GRA, Enugu, , Rev. Mbaka said if such threats could move him, he would not even be standing before the congregation that morning.

“Tell them I am not afraid of them. I have said what I was asked to say. The only word I have for them is Isaiah 54:15,17: “Surely they shall gather, but because the gathering is not of God they shall scatter. No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper.

“They said Buhari gave me money, but I have never met with Buhari. I don’t know him in person. I only delivered the message I was given and I stand by that message because the future of this country is bleak with Jonathan on the saddle.”

Mbaka said before he gave the December 31, 2014 message, he had called Mrs. Patience Jonathan sever­ally but couldn’t get to her.

Said he: “When she came here, I told her to give me her number so that I could give her messages, but thrice she refused. It was later she told one of the pastors with her to give me his number. So, before that message, I had called the number for two weeks but it was always the Personal Assistant to the pastor that picked the calls. “

Mbaka, who warned that Nigeria needed change, repeated that if Jona­than was re-elected for another  tenure, “the next four years will be hell for the country. People are crying of hunger but then you will see what is hunger.”


‘Why Father Mbaka Is Fighting Jonathan’

However,  fresh facts have emerged on why the fiery Catholic priest,  Rev Fr  Mbaka, last week warned the electorate not to vote for the candidate of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP), President Goodluck Jonathan, in the forthcoming February 14, 2015 presidential election.

It was gathered that the Catholic priest was nudged by the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church in Nigeria to prophesy that the re-election of President Jonathan would spell disaster for the country.

A usually reliable source said that for some time now, the Catholic community has been nursing grudges against the president following insinuations that he has been parleying with the Anglican Church, while neglecting the Roman Catholic Church. President Jonathan is said to be an Anglican.

It was gathered that the leadership of the Catholic Church choose Fr Mbaka to make the statement given the fearless way he had spoken out against oppressive regimes in the past, which nearly cost him his life during the administration of former Enugu State Governor Chimaroke Nnamani, after assassins shot him at close range.

However, it was also gathered that the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Gen Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), had sent a powerful delegation to Enugu on December 31, 2014, to woo Fr Mbaka to support his presidential ambition.

A source close to the meeting said Fr Mbaka’s speech came few hours following the meeting with Buhari’s delegation.

It would be recalled that when recently President Jonathan’s wife, Patience, worshipped at the Adoration Ministries ground located at Ijineke Emene in Enugu East local government area, Fr Mbaka urged Ndigbo to support the second term bid of her husband.

It  was further gathered that the hierarchy of the Catholic Church was rankled over Fr Mbaka’s advice to Ndigbo to vote for the PDP presidential candidate, hence he was allegedly ordered by the leadership of the Catholic community to warn the electorate that voting for the incumbent president would spell disaster for Nigeria.

Delivering a message entitled, “From Goodluck to Bad Luck” at the Adoration Ministries ground on New Year’s Eve, Mbaka said that when the first lady Dame Patience Jonathan visited the Adoration Ground recently, he had conducted a spiritual exercise by lifting four birds to fly, but the fourth and most healthy of the birds refused to fly.

Mbaka revealed that he did everything to make the fourth bird to fly but it refused to fly, and God ministered to him not to worry the bird any further.

The cleric expressed regret that in the annals of Nigeria’s history, there has not been a time the country recorded so much bloodshed like the current administration.

Mbaka recalled that the whole country had looked forward for a leader who would give jobs to the teeming unemployed youths, provide mass education, electricity and maximum security and industrialize Nigeria in anticipation that oil will one day melt away.

“There emerged a Goodluck and Goodluck met face to face with Yar’Adua and Yar’Adua died. When Goodluck met Yar’Adua, Yar’Adua had bad luck and died. Goodluck met our oil; our oil had bad luck and melted away. He met our

Naira, our Naira had bad luck.

“Where are we? What is the fate of this country? Do we continue with bad luck? Many civil servants did not go home with December salary. What did they use to celebrate Christmas?

“By December 5, the children will go back to school. The parents are expected to pay their school fees. Are they going to use their urine to pay? Are they going to use stool to pay school fees,” queried the fiery Catholic priest during his ministration on December 31, 2014.

Fr Mbaka called on all prophetic voices in the country to speak up, saying that even those who have been bought over should speak up because of the destiny of our children.

He said: “What is kidnapping? Kidnapping is the grandson of unemployment. Boko Haram is the grandson of unemployment, mass looting and corruption. As it stands now, Jonathan should resign. The Goodluck of Jonathan has become bad luck to Nigeria.

“In few months to come, many people are going to lose their jobs.

“During elections, Jonathan will answer Azikiwe and Ebele to become an Igboman. After election, the Azikiwe and Ebele will vanish. Look at our federal roads built by Buhari and Babangida. The continuity of Jonathan means disaster to Nigeria. We need change,” Mbaka had said.

Expressing worry about the future of the children, the cleric noted that they are being admonished to go to school and yet the government schools are not functional.

He warned that Nigeria was like an egg waiting to be broken in the hands of President Jonathan, but said such would not be allowed it to happen.

Mbaka lamented that pastors have become vultures and hawks around Jonathan, eating the porridge of Jacob and selling their prophetic rights, adding that some are turning Naira into dollars and flying them out of the country in private jets.

Noting that anointing is now merchandise in Aso Rock, he said the men of God telling Jonathan to continue, should question their prophetic anointing.

He continued: “When a man is eating well and his children are hungry, is that man still a father. When a mother is dressing well and eating well and her children are naked and hungry, will you say she is still a mother?

“Any moment from now, they will start telling us that this person is a Christian, this person is a Muslim. I am not campaigning for anybody. I am filled with tears over what is happening in Nigeria. The way Nigeria is going now, Goodluck’s office, let another take,” Mbaka said. (Additional report from Leadership)


  1. Monday Sunday Obiefuna

    Why shouldn’t Rev. Mbaka leave politics and politicians alone an face his ministerial duties, and focus on leading the flocks That God entrusted in his hands?. God almighty alone knows the way forward for nigeria , so no one be you who should interfere, Nigeria is too large and I hardly believe Goodluck Jonathan shall be the saint that will do the wrong that had already been put in place and neither will it be Buhari who was unable to do it right in his own time can convince any Nigerian of a new magic to turn Nigeria around automatically. Therefore Mr Mbaka should face his adoration ground and leave political ground alone, thanks!!!.

    • truth is bitter,i believe since mbaka encounter with nnamani ,enugu governors are performing better.God bless enugu state with a prophet.

  2. Chimdindu
    January 6, 2015 at 4:54 pm – Reply
    Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka is not guided by any Holy Spirit. His adoration prayers has not healed a single HIV/AIDS patient or destroyed a single boko haram suicide bomber. Yet gullible people troop to his fellowship to empty their purse as tithe and go home in poverty. The misguided priest never fought the civil war nor learnt the lessons for Ndigbo. The ‘heathen’ in cassock want Ndigbo christians to vote for ‘anti-Christ’ because he himself ‘who robs the poor’ by selling them salvation and fake healing is holier than President Jonathan. For this ‘Elymas the Sorcerer’ in cassock trying to Igbos older than him nonsense, and for suggesting that Christians vote for a diehard ‘anti-Christ’- his communion is declared poison. Fr Ejike Mbaka can go to hell for all Igbos cares – let him go and preach in Maiduguri or Daura (Buhari’s hometown) and see if the islamists would not lynch him. And God said, ‘I will destroy those who rob the poor with fake healing on stock-exchange adoration grounds. I wish I have opportunity to debate this so called miracle Pope – if he knows more than his purse about the slaughter of Igbos- Aguiyi Ironsi, hundreds of Igbo Army officers at Abeokuta garrison, Asaba blood on the Niger etc, there can be no greater corruption than robbing the poor by selling fake healing and success prayers about town

    • please let’s all pray that things become fine in our country and let stop speaking too much so that we don’t make a mistake,who is righteous man if i may ask?Aldo i’m not in the country for now but with the news we are hearing i think that the country is too much for goodluck to control, our country need a strong hand in order to make thing work out and i thing goodluck is too cool to handle the country, so i suggest goodluck should step down peacefully for another person to take over be it buhari or any other stronger hand,when it come’s to being a president it do not matter any religion God can use any body to work.
      above all let’s all pray for good change in our country because right now if we can tell our self the truth we will all know that our country is in a mess

      • I do go to his adoration and I have never putted more than 200 there and. I always get what I prayed for in. Dat ground. His adoration is the best and will always be going there. Hahahahha frnds let’s pray to God to give us a leader nd not acting like fools. Love u all.

    • i will advice you to speak with hearth filled with love God have for children ,than to speak with love you have for jonathan.

  3. For those of u who are saying that the catholic church did not say anything,concerning the prophcy by Rev.Fr.Ejike Mbaka,let me ask u,did the catholic church doctrine supercides the word of God? the answer is NO. Is it not the so called church leaders who killed CHRIST, So mind ur speech over the word of God. And for Chukwuma the Anglican bishop of Enugu, did u think that everybody is like u who is partisan and a novice?l have nothing to say to u since u are a politician. l believe that what we should be doing is praying to God for his DIVINE MERCY. GOD BLESS US IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

  4. Yes everybody are making comments over the prophcy of a powerful Man Of God Rev.Fr.Ejike Mbaka but l want to ask the other men of God are they afriad of death that they cannot open up and say what the Spirit of God has revealed to them or has the Spirit of God left them? Let us not forget that befor God their is nothing like Gentiles or Jews, and GOD dose not see the way we motals see.ok. Let all of US go to GOD in Prayers.

  5. REV FR EJIKE MBAKA is only a Man of God and not the Spirit of God. And as a Man, he still has flesh and blood. Consequently, he can “misfire” even under the annointing. I consider his statements about our President, GEJ, as”prophetic misfiring”. This is because I am also a Man of God and have had to” misfire” sometimes. Let the Christian Community in Nigeria pardon and pray for him as we bear in mind the Scriptural injunctions in PSALMS 105:15 which says; “TOUCH NOT MINE ANOINTED AND DO MY PROPHETS NO HARM”. Irrespective of whatever he said, he is still the anointed.
    However, there is no yet a better alternative to President Jonathan in the 2015 election. Dr. Goodluck remains our President come May 29 2015. Nothing will change it! THE SON OF HAGAR CANNOT BE BETTER THAN THE SON OF SARAH AND THE WORST CHRISTIAN IS BETTER THAN THE BEST MOSLEM. God bless Nigeria! God bless Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan! Shalom…!

  6. The mesage of of d gholy spirit can never be sweet Fr mbaka have spoken thge truth. But in all these goodluck is going to lead us. We should stop judging and argument.

  7. O! GOD of heaven, pls look upon us with your eyes of mercy and grant us your saving help. Even our brother, Jesus was misquoted wen He offered His body and blood as food for our Soul, His own people did not comprehend cos Hw had not said what pleased them. My priest was led to speak what did not please most of us who are interested and we are reacting to show we do neither knw the God we claim to serve nor His word. For a so called Christian to write openly that a priest of God is selling fake salvation show the level we are operating spiritually. Pls, whteva happens, let us all be conscious of the judgment of God wich we can not out smart. We wl answer for all our words, thoughts and deeds.
    My Fr.do not be troubled, ur life is in d hand of God, no created being can touch ur life cos u are hidden in d heart of Jesus and Jesus is hidden inside d Father, D4, u are untouchable. Be at peace! All of us ur children love u and we are praying for you!

  8. Those people telling FR MBAKA to go and speak about church activities are funny. Religion is not only about church. The church itself is found on earth to make it better for us to prepare for heaven. So when the earth is anyhow, it’s supposed to be the concern of the cleric.
    A Prophet once told the king of Israel not to embark on a war-trip and it was a bad news like that. In fact, the Israeli presido sent that prophet to jail instructing that he should kept until he (the king) is back from the trip. But what the prophet said happened. The king did not return alive, which was exactly what the prophet said.
    Rev Mbaka too, has a right to tell President GEJ anything provided it’s from GOD.

  9. The Rev. Have not acted wisely and he knows that. I stand for Christ and any gang-up against Christianity in this country woil go back to sender. In all may God reign in Nigeria. In Jesus name amen.

  10. Godwin Wailers Morrison

    Peace of God unto men of good-will and to all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Nigeria will continue to perish for as long as those who know the truth keep mute all for the sake of their selfish interest. To all those who have criticised Rv Fr Mbaka over his message of Change, woe unto U̶̲̥̅̊ all and U̶̲̥̅̊я generation. If a man of God took all the effrontery to speak the truth from the realm of glaring reality, has that in any way amounted to hurling insult on him? Who in Nigeria does not know or see the crystal clear doom that GEJ has bestowed on this blessed country? How many functioning government institutions-primary, secondary and tertiary is in effective operation right now? Shall we continue to lavish in poverty and anguish unemployment, while GEJ and you his supporters keep flourishing in excess wealth of the Nation? Fr. Mbaka, God bless you sir for this timely message.

  11. Hello rev father ,I went thru ur write up,but I think you did not act wisely, the holy house of God is not a political party,

  12. I greet you rev father Mbaka I pray God to continue to guide you and your family, but don’t ever use the church to campaign for or against anyone bcos as Christian we are not of this world, even as I said the holy house of God is not a political party to campaign for anyone who so ever even if the person is your memb

  13. What a ever is said, is said. Lets not waist time in what is obvious and work towards the election proper. This is a kind of distraction and a challenge for the two parties…. May we just vote our mind candidate and bear all the out comes…. Lets judge not anymore

  14. there are some practically Thomas in this live especially in this country Nigeria. is only tree that sees a cutlass or hear about the approach of a person with cutlass to cut it down and remain still . the scripture says in Hosea 4.6 that my people are perishing because of no prophesy, Amos 3:7 says nothing God can do except having revealing it to his prophet and let us remember the days of Micah and the king of Israel.
    thank u God that u still see a man after your Heart through which u can reveal ur thoughts for Nigeria . rev father caminus ejike mbaka thanks for vomitting what God have reveal to u , without constructing it in the way it can please mortal man more anointing to ur anointing. daddioooo

  15. Chimdindu u have due audacity to say dat a man of God is extorting de pple by performing false miracle al because he said the truth. U have insulted the holy spirit, and unless u repent u will never go unpunished. Anyway the truth is always bitter but thank God for the courage of Fr. Mbaka.May God give him more courage and wisdom

  16. stupid People, If d Rev does not speak to inflence the bad government what will he speak. Is it when u this government fustrate the entire inhabitant of this country, that is when to speak up. u people that attack Fr. Mbaka are stupid. Somebody who took the risk and speak ur inner mind instead of u to be grateful and encourage him, u are there commenting nonsense. Mbaka is he not a man with one head like u. If his statement would influence the country allow him to influence change because u are nobody fools.

  17. fr mbaka is a man i will never disobey even when he give the wrong oder. for u chimdinu and u other who is aginst daddy mbaka’u are all stupid.Fr carry go umuikuku is folowing u

  18. Jesus said to simon Peter if u love me feed my sheep. in the same way i am saying to Rev. Mbaka if u love God feed the sheep that God has entrusted into your hand and leave politicians alone and always pray for them. this is the botton line.

  19. God almighty pls help our country we don’t knw who is saying de truth

  20. chimdinu, May d gud lord 4 give u cos u re ignorant: hw can u insult a man of God? Letz all be honest wit ourselves d country is in a mess, we ned someone who can move dis country 4ward, durin d time of OBJ no boko pple, same wit iBB, n d rest of dem, Education now is for the rich, no quality govt schs, or hospitals, cheap drugs re been served in d hospitals. Everybody movin to private schs, which is very expensive. No jobs, anywhere. Jobs re now 4 sale in dis country wot a shame! pls we ned change. Daddy mbaka u hve my support

  21. father Mbaka has become the second pastor iI respected that speak the truth about good governance after PASTOR TUNDE BAKARE i beleive God is raising more honest pastor in our dear nation

  22. shot-up if you don’t know what to say. I stand to say that Nigeria need change, the present government does not suit Nigerians. so if you don’t see it I do. in a simply sentence we need change and to have that, let’s change who is on that set. coming to mbaka, I don’t see any halm telling your child what he or she don’t know. Are you aware that most Nigerians don’t know the real reason to vote (some vote for money,some for religion while others don’t even vote because they didn’t see any reason.) Church is another institution and everything can be thought in it. As a child of God I will make my followers to see every of good steps I make. did mbaka not give reason for his action. you think he did not have the right to say that then even the so called bishop don’t have the right vote.

  23. Rev. Fr. Mbaka, is the Prophetic John the Baptist, the lone voice in the wilderness foretelling the future for Nigeria and Nigerians. Let those who has ears hear. The issues he raised are truthful and factual and undeniable. Let’s debate the truthfulness of the message and not blame nor kill the messenger because he has the courage to tell the truth. How can we Nigerians continue to do the same thing, and expect different results? Our prayer and good intentions alone cannot change anything, unless, the sinners, confesses, repent and change their ways for good, not for bad! In the bible language, be born again, shed the old way and follow a new way. The truth is the truth, no matter how bitter is sound or tastes. Nigeria must change for good, for things to change! Endemic corruption and economic mismanagement is killing Nigeria, a country that is so well endowed to be the true and undisputed Giant of Africa, and maybe the world, if our God given resources is well managed for the benefit of all, not just the privileged few. Let’s debate facts and leave personalities and ego our of it.

  24. Why did devil entered Our priest? let us pray for father mbaka. Some politicians have their lives rooted in secret kingdom and should not be allowed to step on the altar of God. The dirty money spoiled our father. OOH!! God help us

  25. whether we believe it or not, Rev. Fr. Mbaka,s prophesy would have manifested if the election was not extended two weeks ago by six weeks. Jonathan and the PDP family was afraid of loosing the election, and of course, he would have lost, and they quickly opted for postponement with the instrumentality of the service chiefs. So, Mbaka said what he saw and believe me, Jonathan has ever since been trying to live up to his expectations. For the first time since the bokoharam incidence, he started visiting Maidugri. If God has chosen Buhari, nobody will stop him. We are one Nigeria, and his tribe and religion is immaterial here. Lets pray for a free, fair, credible, and most importantly, a peaceful election devoid of crisis and blood shed.

  26. Every body be it clergy or not have the right to comment or say his or her opinion in any issue about the nation be is political, economy or other because we have the right of speech(constitutional right). About the prophecy why is it that many Nigerian hate to hear the ugly truth but like to hear, celebrate and even go further to encourage the beautiful lies. It is crystal clear that GEJ disappointed many Nigeria’s trust during his first team in office. I tell u if 30% of Nigerians clergy can stand up and face the politicians and tell them the truth our nation will be better for it. SO THE MASSAGE IS CRYSTAL CLEAR AND LET THOSE WHO HAVE EAR HEAR THE VOICE IRRESPECTIVE OF WHO IS INVOLVE . the way of GOD is different from ours. So I salute the courage of Rev. Fr Mbaka of saying what he was send to say without fear or favour. let other clergy learn from him. for those Who get hot am not surprise because the truth is usually Bitter and ugly.

  27. Fellow Nigerians, it does not behove us to judge whether or not Fr. Mbaka is lead by the Holy Ghost when march 28 is just by the corner.

  28. Please good people of Nigeria it is core we know it is against the will of God to speak against Rev. Father/pastor for it is a curse, remember saul nd David, David would have killed Saul bt because Saul was an anointed man of God dat is why he didn’t kill him so let us mind what we say. I am Goodluck fanatic fan bt when an anointed man speaks I rather ignore it than to speak agains God if what he said is true only God kws so to avoid curse stay neutural in dis case especially since hero Jonathan conceded defeat he shall be remembered for it nd l am nt Buhari’s fan bt we must support him nd pray for our progress just as the bible says pray for ur leaders. And I foresaw what happened to Peter in Anambra happening again because Buhari doesn’t have certificate so PDP can still rise and use dat against him bt its just that Jona is nt ready for trouble.he is a living defeated hero who delivered frm darkness

  29. finally the prophecy fulfilled, why do we always be against the truth? jonathan is not capable of rulling the nation,

  30. truth is always bitter

  31. Truth is constant and refuses to quit he who have ear let him hear the message

  32. Truth is constant and refuses to quit he who have ear let him hear the message and meditate on it

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